Life Groups

We believe in people. Life groups are the best way to learn about God on a personal level. Through out the year, different members of the church host a life group to minister to individuals that ultimately minister to the body.

Our Life Groups take place on a 3 semester basis. We begin in the fall, next we have winter spring and we do others in the Summer.  


Types of Groups

Our life groups have great variety. Some of the groups study a spiritual topic together while others view short films with discussion. In the past, we’ve had groups that deal with handling your finances, learning how to hear the voice of God and how to grow in your family. 

Some of the groups eat a full dinner each week whereas some groups just have snack time. But all of the groups have warm, inviting fellowship.

Our goal is that everyone would go to a life group and invest in others.

Sign up 

Currently, we have recently completed the spring like groups. Our next big launch will be in September. There will be some miscellaneous groups that will form in the summer such as ladies Bible studies and special prayer meetings.

We will keep you informed please check back sometime in July.