You Can’t Buy this Gift

You Can’t Buy this Gift

Introduction vs. 1-3

Review from last week

Remember our goal is learn from this book as our model

Saul persecuted the church, imagine that happening?

Preached where sent Vs. 4- 8

Good News: they preached God’s word wherever they went

Fulfilled Acts first three parts of 1:8, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria

Philip, one of the seven went to Samaria, down in elevation. (Galilee, Samaria

and Judea

Great Revival broke out

Demons cast out

Great healings

Great joy

Why if demons, we don’t see them?

Different realm

Only bother those who threaten them

Jesus was their main threat

As we move in God, so will we!

We don’t have to concentrate on them, or be fascinated with them

We are covered by the blood of Jesus!

Simon and sorcery Vs. 9-13

Very common 1st century name, even Peter

He practiced Sorcery and maybe allusions

Amazed everyone, Justin Martyr, said went all the way to Rome

Boasted he was someone great, called Great Power

But when Philip came, the crowds went to him, from Simon

Crowds amazed by Simon, but converted and changed by Philip’s Jesus

Even Simon, believed, and got saved!

Peter and John Vs.14-17

Early Church felt the need to check out revivals, to keep the faith pure

Of course you know, Samaria, northern city, but south of Judea

Conquered land, refilled with foreigners, with only poor originals

Didn’t follow the faith the same way

Simply hated by the Jews; but Jesus had done ministry there in John 4

At one point, in Jesus’s Ministry, the same John asked if he, john, could call fire

from from heaven to destroy them?  Notice John would be calling down fire-

In this chapter, John comes with another type of fire!

They found the Samaritans had simply repented, saved, but not fullness of Holy


Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit was and has always been

As much God as Jesus and Father God

In the OT He would come on some for a season

Samson, Gideon, Joshua, Saul but then leave

Usually, older, male leaders

Joel promised one day He would come on all flesh

Sons, daughters

Jew and Gentile

Rich and Poor

Servant and leader

Anyone hungering for His presence

This was to empower them for the Great Commission, spread the word

I was saved at 13, filled at 19

To be born again, means I step off the throne of my life and He steps up

I was at salvation filled with the Holy Spirit.

Rom 8:9

But the fullness of the Spirit means baptized- immersed, He has so much for


Our problem is we are satisfied, not me! I want more of His presence, I want

to love Him more

Was in Chi-Alpha group, said I was full, but I knew I lacked what they had

One day brother-in prayed for me, nothing happened, I thought

One afternoon, in prayer, rare time, He came on me, I spoke in tongues

Felt a whole new boldness

But I leak! I try to take control, I get satisfied, I need so much more

I hunger for more, do you?

Simon offers money Vs. 18-19

Watch this: Simon Sees something so cool, he offers them money to do this

What did He see? Something observable, not merely love

Pattern is Speaking in tongues.

Acts 10:44-46. Story of Gentiles

So amazed, Peter offered to baptize even them.

Going to have a baptism service soon, shows what already happened

Peter said, as we did in Acts 2

Simon rebuked Vs.20-25

He offered them money so he could make money

Peter is furious! May you money perish with you!

No part of share in this ministry

Don’t you see this implies he could have?

We too can have a share in this ministry?

What ministry? What he was willing to pay them for

Simony means buying an office

Why church history filled with non-believers leading the church

He was told to repent and perhaps God would forgive Him

Filled with bitterness and captive to sin

To me it’s obvious, he serves the idol of wanting to be admired

Matthew 23

Loved place of honor

To be called Rabbi

Everything they do is for a show

Instead, we need Gal 2 I no longer live, but He lives

People had followed him, he even served demons for this power

But you when you come to God, you give that up.

Admiration goes from you, to Him

We don’t know what happened to Simon, but he answers correctly

We often miss this, but Peter and John continued in other Samaritan cities


Are you born again? Have you stepped down and asked Him there?

Have you repented of your ways and turn to His?

Are you hungering and thirsting for more of Him?

Have you ever been filled with the Holy Spirit?

You can! Now,

Speaking in tongues, might only be the start!



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