What Must I do to be Saved?

What Must I do to be Saved?


Robert: Ask your GPS Where heaven is!

One thing that concerns me: goals tend to flatten as you age

Then life happens- leadership is painful

Life has a way of beating us down – we settle for less

Your job

Your familiy

Your goals and future

Our church

Used to give great tours of the property

Had dreams of expanding

Retreat center, prayer center

Then problems came, scarcity came

It the comes about survival

I say we get back to Faith! Let’s dream big dreams in our lives and church

We need a new vision, the Lord to birth it in me and you

We to show the world a supernatural world again

You aren’t too young nor too old

Abraham 99

Moses 80

Caleb old man, stronger than the young men

Mary was a teen when Jesus born

Timothy was so young Paul had to remind him not to let others look down on

you by your behavior

Phython Girl

This chapter is about Philippi, which is where Paul wrote to the Philippians (12)

Here they met three people, as they begin this new church

A wealth merchant


I want to focus on this slave girl

When you read slaves don’t think of our dark past

Still was wrong, but treated differently

She was “owned” by this wealth man

She had a demonic spirit, where she could tell the future

Much of those who practice this are fakes

But this was through an evil spirit

Did you hear about the psychic reader in nursing home?

Sounds Cute: No, preying on the lonely, elderly

She attached herself to Paul, telling others he knows the way of salvation

For a time, Paul ignored her, finally he blasted her

Don’t try this at home!

7 Sons of Sceva were beaten, how no power Acts 19

These men were calling on the name of Jesus without knowing him personally.

You need the Fullness-of the Spirit and in Jesus’s Name,

He cast out the demon and she was set free

In the Greek this word mean Python spirit

In mythology evil spirits, Apollo killed the python snake

Original priestess was possessed by Apollo, god of knowledge

In this case, demonic god spoke to slave girl

Suddenly she was set free and we can only hope she became a follower of


She had a new owner, the Good Shepherd, the old owners were done with her

Jailed and Beaten

The old owners were so upset they raised a ruckus against Paul and Silas.

They were arrested, and beaten with rods

This later they found was illegal

Paul was a Roman Citizen

One of three times this happened to Paul

Put in stocks

Hard to imagine how painful and difficult

They were swollen, lacerated and sticky with blood

Paul and Silas really suffered

They couldn’t lay down on the dirty rocky floor

Feet, legs, angels hurt

Did they complain and curse! No, they held an all night prayer meeting, full of

praise and power!

They sing psalms and rejoiced in God

Peter slept, both signs of complete trust in Christ

The other prisoners heard

Jailer gets saved

God sent an earthquake, the place was destroyed and the sticks and shackles


You’d think they would have run, but no

The jailer is about to kill himself

He knows Rome will terribly torture him before killing him, he would be an

example of their wrath

He knew he severally beat this men who were set free by earthquake

Paul tells him not worry

He asks what must I do to be saved

Paul’s answer Believe on Jesus

Not Jesus plus…

You owed a debt you could never pay

If most tender person could see he would set the world on fire

He paid it in full, paid!

Works are something you do because You are saved, not to get saved

His whole household is saved

He washed their wounds

He fed them

Next story: They escorted Paul and Silas out of town hoping they would

overlook their crime against them



Two questions

1. Why doesn’t The persecuted church doesn’t always get set free (16)

They are a testimony by their suffering

We prayer for them: Nov 12

2 How would would you handle the Jailer’s question?

Negatives: Don’t say

1. Not about Abundant Life (It’s about the Abundant Life)

Great worship


Great snacks

They can get that at a bar

2. It’s not about doing good for salvation

3. Not about politics

Conservatives liberals

Republicans Democrats

Loved or forsaken

He loves them all, Red and Yellow Black and White, so shall we

4.Not a time to argue theology or Bible

Rather use the Bible to point them to the Truth

Know the Bible to point the way.

Positives: Say

1. People need to know two aspect of God:

1. He loves them 1 John 3:1 Called Children (16)

For a short time, loved us more than Jesus, whom He desperately loves

Because He is perfect love, He poured out His wrath on Jesus to save us

2. God has standards and as a perfect judge, He will deal with all evil and

wrong doing

The Bible says, for all have sinned and fallen short

If God’s love is perfect He judge anything that would harm His people

Only He can take away your sin.


3. The utter impossibiity of getting right with God on your own

Only Jesus could pay the price: He literally took your place

You must simply put faith in Him, means more than believe: Put whole trust


4. Last week I preached on acceptance

Invite people to church

Some easy to invite, others hard

If you want to try out church, I’m here for you.

Let’s get back on track and speak to others about His love

1. Take prayer cards and write down someone for prayer team

2. Let’s dedicate ourselves to fill this church and others like it


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