The Mission


The Mission (1-5)


After many weeks break, back on Acts

Looking for the perfect church model

Review 5 of the probably hundreds of models (7)

1. Attractional model

2. Seeker model

3. Family Church Model

4. Revival Church Model

Each is good and has it’s strengths

Attraction: Best ministry

Usually in Bible belt area, not always

Going to attract people by our church

Strength: Teaches the rest of us how to do church

Weakness: Not everyone has the people and money it takes

Seeker: Helps us realize not everyone is like us

Everything is designed and geared around the unchurched

Those in the church get ministered in mid-week, groups

Strength: Church is so unchurched. Example of 1 John 3:12 man in old


Weakness: Message can often, (Not always) watered down


Everyone knows everyone

pastor viewed as the church chaplain

Pastor has his hands in everything

Strength: Probably most churches

I’m comfortable playing this part

Weakness: keeps the church from numerical growth

One chaplain can only reach so many people


Revival Church

Everything is geared toward a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit

Strength: We need a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit

Society is hard toward God and Jesus has the answers

Weaknesses: tend to just about salvation and not true growth

Missional Model (7)

Has best parts of other others, but the goal is to find His mission for this

church and do it

View we are put here to spread His gospel, feed the hungry, reach out to

the poor

Strength: Seems most Biblical to me.

Weaknesses: Hard to implement when you view the ministry only

something the pastor is called to do

Set apart: Prayer and Fasting

Jerusalem is the mother church

Antioch seems to be new headquarters

They had prophets and teachers

While Fasting and praying, called to set apart Barnabas and Paul

Notice they hungered to hear God’s word: Prophets and teachers: the Word

of God

Notice the main business was prayer and fasting

Something about food and satisfaction that keeps us from fully hearing from


Now food is good: something we need to set it apart to hear from God and

pray about something

Set apart, means called, appointed two men for the missionary journey

We do this with pastors, SS teachers, Awana teachers, Board members,

cleaners etc.

its all for Him, not for me or the church

Notice they went slowly

Prayed and fasted more


Once it was settled, they were all in

Prayer and fasting

In a missional church, prayer is everything

I can’t stress enough: we need you in prayer

Life Groups have prayer

We have several prayer times

Prayer in not good feelings, it’s work

Talk about Washington prayer meeting

Fasting: Something the church in America almost never does


Paul was a world-wide traveler (10k miles) (10)

In a day before powered machines he went on 3 great missionary journeys

He was loved, hated, blessed, persecuted, spent much time in the Jails

But they obeyed!

They supported Paul financially

They prayed for him

They accompanied him

I argue this is our model

He fulfilled the Great Commission

Acts 1:8 (9)

Acts shows this happening, as a model

Reached own, Judea, Samaria in Chapter 10 and 13 on ends of the earth

What are we doing to obey His Acts 1:8

Part of that is supporting missionaries, (Part)

The Good news; People need Jesus

They, we are all lost in sin, only Jesus saves

This is good news

I love to give good news

Told Michelle when I was only 10

Chance to speak to funeral guy

My heart is so joyous


Today, we know of lands he didn’t know about

In the same way: B & P were set apart, so is our church,

We have to find out mission and all do it

Power struggle

Barnabas, called that, encourager, he was the pastor

They went to Cyprus, Flugrad’s son lived there (9)

Some 120 miles by sail

Then walked some 60-80 miles to Paphos

Met the Governor: Named Sergius Paulus

At this Point; Saul is called Paul


Some make it a pre-salvation, post

I don’t. Saul was Jewish, Paul Roman

He wanted to identify with the Gentiles (seeker)

Get this; Governor has same name: Paulus is Greek, Paul is English

Governor has this sorcerer who worked for him

Named Bar-Jesus

Son of Jesus

Could be Son of the Savior

Could be Our Jesus, but common name

He was a false prophet

God hates sorcery and we are to avoid it

Most fake- sure, some real

Astrology, modern witchcraft

So much around here


Old Church, next to the spiritist church of Cape Cod

Mass- Salem- makes money on it; church of Satan pastor, respected in town

I used to have a close girlfriend, who was a great kid, moral kid, not a


I didn’t know how wrong this way, but her mother was a fine person


She’s break out the ouija board, in my pre-Pentecostal life I’d leave the


Governor wanted to hear Paul

Elyemas, other name, tried to prevent it

John 10:10 (11)

Paul rebuked him so strongly

Play on words; Son of Savior: child of the devil (12)

Tried to pervert the ways of God: today also

He was temporarily blinded and out of a job

Governor got saved

There are Christians today who live in Cyprus, who point back to this story for

their own lives

The Mission

So we need those 4 models I mentioned

But I want to steer us toward being Missional

First it starts with you: What is your mission in the Kingdom?

Second, What is our mission as a church

Third, let’s work togther to fulfill Acts 1:8 (13)


Prayer for name sake


Reaching the poor

Consider going on a missions trip

Consider maybe you are called to go full-time

Signs around town will do nothing: unless invite

I would love to be a missionary

They, not sports or movie stars are the real heros

They sacrifice: Couple fit it in two suit cases

God has me be their best friend

Won’t you help me?



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