In Jesus’s Name

In Jesus’s Name


Going through Acts for our model

Many are skeptical- miracles were only a myth!

Yes, we have seen crazy, unbiblical counterfeits

At the Bank they check big bills

Why counterfeits shows there are real



Faked heaing

Believe me there is the real!

Misunderstanding of miracles

Some dramatic (Lady with arthritis

Some take time

Miracles don’t happen everyday, needs to be in setting where the Holy Spirit is


I’m going to show where miracles are shown and even commanded

If we aren’t seeing it, something is wrong with our Bible

Something is wrong with our interpretation

Something is wrong with our walk!

I believe in the real Supernatural, I want to tap into His real power!

Not for a few

But anyone hungry to be used of God

Who will seek His face

Church- 16 tenants of faith – Four Cardinal Doctrines -wide range (7-8)

Salvation by Grace

Baptism in the Spirit

Return of Jesus Christ for His church


No, not some weird cult that doesn’t believe in docs and nurses (Imagine me to

wife? I don’t believe in you!)

Peter and Aneas

Last week we saw Saul (Paul) go from move loved by society, but changed the

world and the church

Greatest man of God along with Moses and Elijah

But we don’t see him for another two sessions!

Back to Peter

Church enjoyed a time of peace and grew in numbers and encouraged by the

Holy Spirit (Praying for that)

Live in the fear of God.

I have felt that in revivals – feel His presence

It’s a holy hush or a loud praise

It’s beautiful and powerful

Peter visits in Lydda 25 m from Jerusalem

Called saints again, remember!

Found man named Aeneas – paralytic for 8 years, so since 8

Peter says Jesus Christ heals you, walk

Note Jesus did the same “Take up mat and walk.”

Notice: not Peter, like in chapter 3 – command it was Jesus

Verb is heals it’s not us, but Him

Using His church through the Holy Spirit

Peter and Dorcas

Now about 10 miles distance in Joppa

Important harbor city

Been there

Woman names Tabitha- Aramaic – Dorcas Greek

Who cares?

Preparing us for chapter 10 – Gentiles – she’s Jewish

Great lady, helping the poor

Very important to Luke and Jesus

Same next week with Cornelius

She became sick and died

Body washed and put in an upper room

Wow! Hear the faith

No spices

No preparation for death

Would normally put in tomb and get them a year, not here: they had great


Sounds like Elijah and Elisha and Jairus’s Daughter

They sent for Peter – 3 hours like John 11

Widows crying

Showed him the clothes, Maybe their own clothes

Get some fabrics and showed him

You must know clothes we take for granted, huge expense

Former Evangelist said the one who owned two sets of clothing was made


Why did Peter care, perhaps it built his faith and passion

He sent them out like Jesus did to J.’s Daughter

Why? Simple: He had to quiet his own heart

He had no power to heal her, He had to ask Jesus for commands

I’ve been to death bed scenes, hard to hear from God

He kneels and prays

Picture it, all this story of mat’s – that was bed

He’s not kneeling by her bed

Praying with hand half lifted- receiving

What’s he doing? Waiting for directions

Jesus tells Peter, “Let’s Do it!”

He turns his head (Left or right) I say left

Tabitha get up!

She see Peter and gets up!

He helps he by the hand

Helps her to her feet

She returns her to the believers

How much of an honor would that be?

Notice; not praying for her, commanding what Jesus had said

Jesus had said in John that He did nothing with God’s word – Lazarus

It would be the same with us: We are do nothing without Him

When Jesus raises girl in Aramaic, Talitha Cume

Peters says Tabitha Kume (Only one letter different)

This is on Purpose by Luke why explains her translated name

Peter is not scared, shock or even overgladden

He returns her- they are not shocked

He had heard from Jesus – had it not happened – Peter would have died of a


He simply smiled, took her by the hand to her feet

Why we must hear from Jesus – daily, as a church to Hear His voice and


This should free you: It’s not us, but Jesus

Like grandson on boat, I’m really piloting the boat

Our job is to hear from God, build our faith and obey Him

Our commission Matthew 10 and John 14

Are these miracles mere stories?

NO! Commands us in Matthew 10 to go and heal the sick, raise the bed, cast

out demons

You say, that for the apostles.

Try on John 14:

Works is translated Miracles other places

Why: Shows Messiah heals broken things

Greater miracles?

Maybe in numbers

Jesus had to go away for the Holy Spirit to come

That has happened – let’s pray for the sick!

Secret in Jesus’s Name

Not a formula or incantation

It’s doing what He’s doing

Wife bank example – ATM gave it to me

Jesus only did what Father did, (Jesus heals you) We do the same with Jesus

Holy Spirit empowers

Quote from studies on secret of answered prayer

Missionary we prayed for girl hit by car

They thought she’d be dead in 48 hours

Only after 3 weeks, some memory loss, but looks great

She’s from Macedonia, amazed Christian care so much

How to Hear

1. We have to quiet our hearts

So much noise

Texts, phone, TV, radio, on and on

God speaks in still small voice

2. Know the word

Not an expert

But He first speaks through His word

What is His will; that none perish, sometimes healing

3. Test impressions, and Journal

4. You will get false impression, but you’ll learn

5. Our problem: We don’t want to hear, we’ll have to obey

Don’t expect to hear if you keep disobeying

It’s faith, trust – God is always right


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