Hope of the Resurrection


Where we are in Acts: Our Model

One of the 3 Great Chapters

Tell story of J. Edwards preaching Sinners

Right here in CT

People hung onto the poles, starting great revival in the 13 states

Second church had this prayer pocket

First church missed it

Changed not just that church, the 13 Colonies, formed a nation

This chapter explains why revival is so key

Paul’s vision

Paul, some think the Greatest Man of God to ever lived

Outside of Jesus of course

Changed the world

Wrote and explained the Gospels, before Matthew to John

Even non-Christians have to admit how great he was.

He used to call himself Saul. He hated the Christians

He obtained letters to haul men and women to prison

Some were even put to death because of him.

On the way to Damascus

Second oldest. In Syria

6 Day journey, 175 miles (That’s very far in those days)

With Letters to extricate Jews in the Way

Not called Christians yet, Way

Jesus said this, not one particular church, but His church

John 14:6 – I am the Way

On his way, close to, struck witih bright light

So bright, brighter than md-day Sun

Loud voice, why are you persecuting me?

He asked who? Jesus

Ton of information in the line:

When you persecute His followers, when you do evil to His followers it’s to

Him. (Mat 26)

Likewise, when you love someone because of Jesus, it’s to Him

Shows how connected Jesus is to His church

I’d watch my step if you are one to complain and criticise the church

without willing to help

Had Paul not received this appearance and responded, He would found this

out on Judgment Day

Not a vision, the real Jesus

He says this many times

Apostles had to see Jesus (1 Cor 9:1)

He said he born untimely 1 Cor 15:8

Struck, blinded, weak, now helped by the hand to the city

He remaind there for 3 days, blind, fasting food and drink

Why? World was rocked

He had spent his life doing wrong and evil

There is an intensity in his man we need!

Ananias Responds

A man named Ananias was in the same city

God told him to go to Straight Street (Still exists)

He was to ask for Paul, He is praying to me now (Powerful line)

God had given Paul a vision Ananias would come and heal him.

Ananias was not thrilled, but afraid of Saul

Christians first called saints here

Not be confused with what some church calls certain people

Means set apart ones, Holy Ones

We are saint so and so, if you know Jesus

Jesus said GO, Paul was his chosen vessel

To take the message to the Gentiles



Acts 1:8 – Ends of the earth Obeyed G. Commission

I will show him how much he must suffer for Me (Acts 9:15-16

In his fruitful ministry, persecuted, stoned, whipped, misunderstood, hated,

for Jesus

Beaten with Rods, 40 lashes, shipwrecked, sleepless nights

Why? Same reason a mother stays up with her baby: passion

Goes from the most loved to most hated

Ananias calls him Brother Saul. (Healing in that )

Laid his hands on him, scales fell from his eyes

Filled with the Holy Spirit

Not deity, supernatural, but filled with the Holy Spirit, So can we

It was a mighty infilling

He was water baptized

Paul’s Hope

Again, why so devasted? One Great Hope: Resurrection

Think about it: on the way to wipe them out and on the way meets the risen


At once he realizes the resurrection is truth

He would fight for that one truth all his life

What they thought

Some Jews hoped for immortality of the soul (Most USA)

Some didn’t

Greco-Roman world mostly didn’t or greatly feared death

Before Jesus, Many Believed- consider – this written 160 BC

2 Macc 7 Seven brothers (Read from the Bible)

Not in our Bibles, historical book

Forced to eat swine

1st Whipped, said would rather die!

King was so angry, boiled like a pan, and cut out his tongue, scalped him, cut

off hands and feet and burned him

2nd and 3rd, so brave the opened their, Mouth

Note: Second and then the third said, “I got these, He’ll give them back”

Finally the seventh, Antiochus had mother talk to him, to persuade him

She said she would

Be leaned into him and in her native tongue

My son have pity of me, Accept Death so I will see you forever!

Why? Were they insane? They had this powerful belief in the bodily


We are going to live forever on this earth, like Jesus

Catholic Protestant Church

Either crazy or onto something

No immorality

Bodily resurrection

This changed Paul, must change you!

Conclusion: How Communion fits

Not everyone has such a specular conversion, but it’s just a great a miracle.

Shows us no one is too far gone to be saved

Ananias thought in effect, Paul could never get saved

I challenge you start praying for the hardest person!

You might be considering Christ: Story of demonic meeting

1. God not true suggestion

2. Bible not true suggestion

3. All true but not now!

How communion fits in, He died for us to be His Children (19)


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