Give them the Word

Give them the word


Going through Acts as a Model

Last week, we met Philip, second part of the story

He was one of the 7 who waited on tables

My whole goal is to increase your hunger for a move of God

Philip meets Ethiopian

During the Revival, Holy Spirit moves Philip south

on paper, its a few seconds, but it was number of miles, a few days

Meets this Ethiopian Eunuch

Explain Eunuch

Several types, but normally castrated as a youth

Breed to work with the king’s people

The point is he can work with the harem and not be attracted to them

Be like me working at a coffee house, don’t eat donuts or drink coffee

Seems strange, but in many cases very high official, had the king’s ear

in this case, seems wealthy, has his own chariot he commands

kings believed themselves deity

wife did governing

called The Candace

he is reading a passage from Isaiah

the passage is hard to understand, he reads outloud

Philip hears him and asks him if he understood it

He says, how is that possible without someone to explain it

That someone is You!

Isaiah 53:7-8 Suffering servant

People still ask: Who is it about

Philip takes him from that passage to preach Jesus

You too need to look for those God puts in your path

Grocery store



Children’s sports programs

For me gym

Don’t go as often as I brag

When I go I talk more than exercise

Have enough home equipment, but I need to get out of my church bubble

to meet people

You say, you don’t know the Bible well

God can use you if you know John 3:16

On the other hand, learn! Read, Study, Sunday School

Shares Christ

Isaiah 53:7-8

So beautiful

It called suffering servant song

It speaks of how Jesus suffered and died for you

Written 700 years of so before Jesus was born

Interesting about how his descendants cut off

Of course, jesus died before having children

Imagine if he ad children? Some would claim deity

We are His Children

Isaiah 56: 4-5 speaks of the way eunuchs would have children in the age to


Worst part of eunuchs; no future generations

To them, how they viewed eternal life

This precious promise in Isaiah 56 is a great reward.

He is baptized

he sees water

Very strange in the desert

This is the Holy Spirit

He asked why shouldn’t he be baptized?

Well to be honest, Mr. Enunch there are big issues

1. he’s not Jewish, we have not come to Chapter 10

In a few weeks hope to come to chapter 10

People thought one had to be Jewish to be saved

Now even the Gentiles

This story is like a prelude to that story

2. He’s not even of Israel

3. As an eunuch, he couldn’t even enter the temple accord to Leviticus

But Philip agrees

First Gentile baptized was an African!

Tradition tells us he became a missionary to his people

Maybe, maybe not, but by the century Ethiopian flourishing Christian


How would like to be part of that: You merely listen to the Holy Spirit and an

entire country comes to Christ?

Notice he goes into the water and comes out

Explain Baptism and it’s importance

Rom 6 tell us when we come to Christ we die!

Rom 6 tells us when we come to Christ we rise and live!

Baptize means immerse, dip, dunk

Concept from Ezekiel 36:26-27

Water Baptism is a great, commanded symbol of that?

Tell my own story

maybe baptized as a baby

I’m only 45 years of age, not bad for a grandfather of 10

Why? I died at age 13 and the 45 years is what counts!

I have no memory, no certificate of that event

But I clearly remember when i was immersed in water! at age 19 or 20!

Why is this death so key to Baptism?


Dead people can’t sin

dead people have no will or their own

Gal 2:20 – we are alive to Him

Funeral home story: dead people don’t rob, gossip

They didn’t rise when i quoted Resurrection Stories!

But I did when i was saved, born again

Are you excited you are saved?


It’s a command of God (Acts 22:16) (16)

It teaches you’ve died

it teaches you you have a new nature

It’s a testimony of His savings grace

Imagine this: you are baptized in the Jordan River

friends ask you why, I’m dead!

Philip snatched away

As soon as they come out of the water (Notice)

he wipes the water from his eyes and Philip is gone!

He is taken away, snatched, like Elijah, like Enoch, like Rapture

Very rare, but has happened (relative of former pastor)

Beem up Scotty! Holy Spirit can do what He wants

he is taken to a place called Azotus, some 50 miles away


1. You should hunger for the Holy Spirit’s leading

2. You should hunger for more spiritual power

3. Be used wherever God puts you

4. Get baptized, pray we fill this tank every month

Not supposed to like your own picture, but see the joy!

Close with story of failing to ask James (funeral home) to church

Maybe he wouldn’t come, but I did my part

Maybe I would have, now rejoicing instead of grieving


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