Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?


Head is spinning with visions and ideas

Before I was burnt, spent, but now pumped and ready

Join me, or get plowed down

In my Acts study, I have stated we need to change our focus from inward to


We need to open our arms to them, they are coming

You can tell by a person’s house what stage of life they are in

Neat and tidy? No kids yets, kids left

If you trip over the toys, kids or grandkids

If driveway of cars, kids getting cars

So we must form our church for guests, those He’s sending

Enemy wants to distract us, get us to look at our own needs first

We will have plenty of time for fellowship, but not always to win others to


One more persons saved in this church is one more person in God’s kingdom

In case your new

It is a big belief, Jesus came 2000 years ago

He died for us, was raised and spent time with the people

But He lead them to field and was taken up back to heaven on the clouds

We are told Jesus sat on that very hill in Matthew 24

Before He left, He promised (Strong) to return the same way He left (vs.7)

Before He did this He called us to spread this good news to everyone

So each successive generation looks for His return

Thought I would go through Matthew 24

Cause even though we are waiting for His return, He warned us of deception

So many: blood moons, eclipse, wars, everyone in power is the Antichrist

The last time was the eclipse – our people were joking, but were they?

Sermons, books, films, mere distractions

Frankly, because we misunderstand this chapter we look foolish

Today using Matthew 24 to show how Jesus said the exact opposite

Matthew 24

Not bragging, but Matthew is my book

Memorizing through each chapter on 24

Not a good memory, but I learned tricks how to memorize

Takes me several months to do a chapter – then I leave it for the next

But as I am going through this chapter, I do it really to understand the chapter

I notice Jesus intended a different meaning than most get


Jesus in 23 blasted the Pharisees and promised the place, temple would be left


They calls His attention to the great buildings (Vs. 8)

No one could believe this Temple would be left desolate (Vs.9)

He says, not one stone would be left on another

As I already said, He sat on the Mount of Olives (10)

The Minor prophet said Messiah would return there

He left from there

They asked Him for the signs of He return

This is key: He doesn’t give them an exact roadmap or time line, but a set of


To confuse you more, He used types or patterns from the near future 70ad

when Rome sacked the Temple and the past 168BC when the temple was

desecrated by!

Remember He said no one knew the time, not even Him (At that time)


1. Wars, Famines, earthquakes

Not that this would the sign: opposite: He said don’t worry or be alarmed


Read Message: “Don’t panic: this is routine history this is not sign of the end.”

But it was a pattern and would increase

He said that would be the beginning of birth pains (Vs.12)

The trick is to realize birth pains take time

Many will be deceived – stay in the Word

Temple would be destroyed

168 BC

70 Ad

Future antichrist

Point is keep steady, don’t get deceived or detracted.

Jesus said when He returns there will be no doubt

Example of hearing thunder or someone moving furniture

In Thunder and lighting storm you know (Vs.13)

Same with Jesus, don’t believe others He’s returned if doubting

Great deception

Jesus really concerned about people getting deceived

False teaching- false prophets and end times reports

All religions are basically the same: NO!

Keep your nose in this book

Stay in church

Like Noah

People living their lives

Totally unaware

Then the flood came and washed them away

Same with Jesus’s return, most unaware

He will split the sky and return in great glory, can you imagine?

We will rejoice

Those who mocked, those not ready, will grieve and look for caves to hides

Fig Tree (Vs.14)

Lesson -when it starts to bud and turn green, you know Summer is near

Same with these patterns, in greater abundance, You know He’s near

That generation, (Not the one who first heard this) would expect His soon


So though His return is taking so long, once He’s ready, Things will go quickly


Be ready

Don’t know when- so be ready

When Jesus return will He find us working for Him?


Your life is not to get rich

Not to be happy

Not to amass fortunes or pleasures, but to take this short life and use it for

Him to win others

Charles Martin story – dream

Lady realized her book was too short

She was given more time to complete it

I don’t how much time you have left – start writing

Many will see Him and realize they wasted their life, including some of you

If you know Bugluar was breaking in, you’d be ready

Be ready: He’s coming


Might come today, next week, next year or 200 years, but be ready

But the day you go to Him could be soon, you don’t know

Heard about news people still aware of death

Could they turn to Jesus?

You could enter His courts barely making it in

Maybe, but I rather enter into His courts with a hugh pile of people I helped


To not be ready could mean eternal separation or great glory

Weeping and gnashing of teeth =great regret

One way Jesus spoke of hell.

But the good new is we can be ready! and have this awesome reward

Next Steps (Vs.15)

Know Christ? Pray with me!

Purpose to live ready

Water Baptism


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