Last week talk about church models

Not to mock or criticize, we need to incorporate

Attractional: Being the best we can be so others come

Seeker: Having church where we accept others

That doesn’t mean we accept all sin

But Story of Stripper – whom the Lord told about clothes

Stever E. Hippies: Pastors job to catch the fish

Example sweating at the gym: Imagine if I scolded them

There is time to speak to someone, but you have to earn it

We need to accept whomever God sends in


I sure didn’t mean to mock this model

There are churches that feel we need a move of God

AG is based on this

We aren’t the best church, but we have the Holy Spirit


I said this is us: wasn’t putting that down

I love this church, it’s like a family

It’s only we won’t grow until we get more missional

Church isn’t me or my tastes

It’s what will be best for unsaved?

Who are to reach?

Let’s take this family and get to work

I’m hearing stories of people inviting to church, don’t give up

Email and mail advertisement doesn’t

We can’t push away those God sends cause they aren’t like us

I can’t tell you how many people came in living lives I don’t agree with and

Who the Holy Spirit changed

Pretend you work as a receptionist to a buy doc.

You allow good people to see the doc


Mark 2:17-Call the sick

Only the clean need shower around here!


Combine what we have with His heart

Love and outreach

The Issue

This story takes place something like 10 years after Acts 10

Jews and Gentiles rubbed shoulders

Some said they should follow Mosiac law to get saved


Follow dietary laws

All these complicated laws in the Bible

This caused a big fight

Oh the early church never had problems!

The word means riot!

If you expect a perfect church; Good luck

Pharisees who got saved really pushed it

Peter and Paul

They sent Paul and Barnabas to the Mother church

This had to be settled once and for all

On the way at our the church council people

Heard the reports and were joyous

You could hear a pin drop

They argued about this Yoke of the Law (15)

Yoke is something you put on strong animals to pull something

Point is: even Jews failed to keep the law

Ss teacher about how bad Temple smelled

Horrifying sight, to speak about sin

How Jesus is the ultimate Lamb


James the leader

His half-brother

Not saved until Resurrection

Wrote Jame

Quotes Amos 9:10-11 (16)

Super important book

Time would come when the Temple Destroyed

Jews taken in Exile

Jesus would rebuild it

Not the temple, but His Body, the Church

Gentiles are to be included

He gives 3 basics of love

Meat to idols

Gentile would buy meat dedicate to the gods

Jews hated it

Love says don’t do it.

Later Paul said it was okay, because only 1 God

But love is the main thing

Sexual immorality

Not like we think, that’s obvious

So much in idol worship

Love means keeping our bodies pure for Him

If sex is so important to us, follow the owner’s Manual


So offensive to Jews

I asked the Rabbi if the food was okay

Of course it’s better for you

But love was bringing this fractured church together


Ten Commandments Vs the Law

Don’t mistaken they are the same

We still are to follow the 10

The Law means some symbolic and ceremonial to point us to Christ.


Without law

Gyspy Free t0-do what what He wants

Love is Obeying God

No volunteers – only servants obey Christ

We are not our own, bought with a price

Church can become ingrown

Ingrown toe nail

It’s got to be about new people

Yes we have to get strong first,

But we can do everything in heaven except win new people (19)

Let’s Pray. Maybe use a prayer card and put it box or leave it here


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