FAQ’S of Your Visit

Will I be Singled Out If I Visit?


Absolutely not!  We want visitors to be comfortable and at home. We want them to explore and to discover. We do not single out visitors. On the other hand, we do not want you to feel left out, expect smiles, handshakes and friendly conversation.


What is the Worship Like?


We are a Pentecostal church and our worship shows it. We use an array of instruments, such as guitars, drums and keyboards. We clap our hands, lift our hands in worship and sing joyfully. We believe in allowing the Holy Spirit in lead us in our worship and often we have a great variety.


What is the preaching like at the church?


Normally, the Pastor enjoys preaching through a series of messages on an important topic, or he loves going through an important chapter of a Bible book or as in the present case through the book of Romans. Pastor Brown is a pastor-teacher and believes that the Bible must be part of our lives. We do have occasional guest speaker with varying styles.


What Time Does Church Begin and End?


Sunday School and Discipleships Begins at 9:30. Then at 10:30 we have morning worship, and this is scheduled to end around 12pm. We have snack time after church. We also have a Sunday night service at 5:30pm 


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