How and Why We Pray

One of the most important questions a person should ask when seeking out a new church is this: “What kind of prayer ministry does that church have?” The purpose of this short post is to describe why and how Abundant Life prays.

First of all, we constantly returned to the theme that the church is His. In order to accomplish God’s church, we need to ascertain God’s specific will for the church and the only way we know to do that is to have direct communication with the Master. Naturally, we are people of the Book but we also speak to Jesus Himself in our prayers.

Prayer in a church begins with individual private prayer times. As pastor, I have been known to preach on the subject of how to begin and maintain a private devotional time.

Most of the ministries of Abundant Life: the Life Groups, the men and women’s ministries all center around prayer. (and Food!) On top of that, we have a prayer ministry that meets on three occasions in the week. On Wednesday morning we gather as a prayer team to pray for needs. Also, currently one of our Life Groups meets in the church to pray.

One of the reasons people come to any church is to find people who know how to pray for them. We pray at the church altars, we pray over prayer requests and we also participate in a diligent prayer chain that comes through texting and the telephone.

Though much of our prayer revolves around people whom we know we also pray for needs around the world. We pray for our missionaries and their desires and it’s not uncommon for people to request prayer for people we have never met. We take it seriously.

I encourage you to tell someone your story, please send me an email. Tell us how you prayed and who prayed for you. Then tell us how the Lord worked it out. We want to collect God’s stories.


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